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Haven - Plot & Excerpts

He reviewed it carefully and I saw his body growing more rigid with each passing second. My view of his forehead gave me no indication of his thoughts but the pulsing of his muscles as he clenched and unclenched his jaw did. Finally, he looked up, but it was past me so that his gaze settled on the ceiling. I saw his shoulders begin to rise and fall from the effort, when his breathing became audible.I gave him a few more seconds to clear his thoughts and settle his emotions before asking, “So I take it these aren’t the people you worked with to determine what makes you invincible?”He shifted his intense gaze to me. “I’m not invincible, Kennedy.”He was being humble, of course, because all evidence could be weighed and found to be in my favor.“No, the ones who took my blood…they were scientists, private industry scientists. The CDC…the National Guard, they’re both government-run.” He sighed heavily. “This makes no sense.” After several anxious seconds, he muttered, “Why…Why would they be looking for me?

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