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Karen Templeton
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Hanging by a Thread (2004)

You can take the girl out of Queens...Or can you? Because for five years, fashion... what?--assistant?--Ellie Levine was taking a halfhearted stab at it, commuting to Manhattan by day, trying desperately to keep secret her outerborough accent, hair... daughter! Until the day fate landed her back ...

Hanging by a Thread (2004) by Karen Templeton

Runaway Bridesmaid (2001)

Walk down the aisle with Sarah Whitehouse on his arm? Shoot, Dean Parrish had dreamed of that for as long as he could remember. But sexy Sarah wasn’ t the bride, he wasn’ t the groom— and they weren’ t even speaking!Sarah had always known Dean would come back to sleepy Sweetbranch one day. But sh...

Runaway Bridesmaid (2001) by Karen Templeton

Loose Screws (2002)

So this is the story of a girl .... No the most annoying girl ever, who gets dumped at the alter, which after 90 pages you question why he asked her in the first place? Why???? Any way this author also seems to like to use lots of words. Words are great, but they are free and no one will ever tak...

Loose Screws (2002) by Karen Templeton

Saving Dr. Ryan (2003)

Widowed and penniless, Maddie Kincaid was driving through the tiny town of Haven, Oklahoma, her two small children in tow, when her third child decided to make an appearance. She managed to find the only doctor within miles -- Ryan Logan. The rugged, handsome M.D. assisted her delivery just fine....

Saving Dr. Ryan (2003) by Karen Templeton

The Doctor's Do-Over (2012)

But then, considering how weird things already were? She didn’t suppose she should be surprised.     Especially with her mom. At first Quinn had been focusing too hard on her cut hand to really notice, but once Ryder got her fixed up Quinn saw that Mom was sort of rattled. And...

The Doctor's Do-Over (2012) by Karen Templeton

The Real Mr. Right (2013)

Actually, there was so much he could barely see Grandma’s lace tablecloth underneath. How many people had she expected to show up, anyway?     Not that they would’ve fit. The place she moved into after Grandpa was really little. So little, in fact, that when Coop and...

The Real Mr. Right (2013) by Karen Templeton

Husband Under Construction (2011)

“Sorry,” he mumbled, grabbing the lever to snap the chair upright. “Couldn’t move fast enough to get a light on before you did.” “S’okay,” she said, pressing her chest, partly because he’d scared the stuffing out of her, partly because that whole “friends” thing with Noah wasn’t working. Except o...

Husband Under Construction (2011) by Karen Templeton

0373659458 (R)

This might take a while, wake me when she’s done.She being the auburn-haired Texan female of indeterminate age who’d brought the dog into Zach’s clinic three times in the two weeks since she—and her daughter, she’d mentioned more than once—had moved into the old Hufsteter place a ways out of town...

0373659458 (R) by Karen Templeton

A Gift for All Seasons

Mary’s tradition going back twenty years or so and drawing more of a crowd every year.Three days before Christmas. A week since April walked out of his apartment.A week since he’d let her walk out, telling himself it was for the best, he should have never dragged her into this mess he called a li...

A Gift for All Seasons by Karen Templeton

More Than She Expected (2014)

But, on her way back from yet another potty break, Laurel found the brand-new Mrs. Kelly Noble in her father-in-law’s spacious, granite-and-cherrywood kitchen, barefoot in her simple white silk sheath dress, her thick, red curls skewered with what looked like chopsticks as she arranged shrimp and...

More Than She Expected (2014) by Karen Templeton

Adding Up to Marriage (2010)

That was the only word for it, Jewel thought as she and Patrice stood on the Blacks’ front porch an hour after Jewel caught Winnie’s seven-pounds-and-change baby girl. Behind them the wind sighed through the sixty-foot pine trees standing guard over the modern wood and glass structure tucked into...

Adding Up to Marriage (2010) by Karen Templeton

What a Man's Gotta Do (2003)

Since tangling with a million other after-work shoppers in the grocery store had done little to calm her jangled nerves, her heart now rocketed into her throat. In general terms, she was a firm believer that the only life forms that properly belonged on roofs were birds and the occasional squirre...

What a Man's Gotta Do (2003) by Karen Templeton

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