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Loose Screws (2002)

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0373250193 (ISBN13: 9780373250196)
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Loose Screws (2002) - Plot & Excerpts

So this is the story of a girl .... No the most annoying girl ever, who gets dumped at the alter, which after 90 pages you question why he asked her in the first place? Why???? Any way this author also seems to like to use lots of words. Words are great, but they are free and no one will ever take them from you, you do not need to use ALL of the words that ever were in your book. Some of the sentences have like 50 words in them, but they are not conveying a lot of info, they are just extremely wordy. Imagine if you have an egg carton that holds a dozen eggs, but you have 17 eggs. 17 eggs will not fit in an egg carton that houses a dozen. Now I love eggs as much as the next person but these extra eggs will be a problem, they will sit awkwardly if not haphazardly in said carton, they could slip and slide all over the fridge, basically fucked up my day these extra eggs, they have. I sort of lost my train of thought and want breakfast.....Right the eggs are the words, cartons the sentence. Right. Ok so what Karen Templeton has done is taken like 22 eggs and put them into a carton, blasphemy! And I don't mind saying kind of a headache to read. As you read this review something may occur to you and the answer is yes, this book made me dumber.

Initially, I thought of giving this book a single star (No wonder they no longer sell this book in stores). However, I enjoyed the latter half of the book so I'm giving it two stars. Come to think of it, I think the author adjusted her writing style to mirror the life of her protagonist; the writing style was full of run-ons at the start of the book (reflecting the busy state of mind of the lead character) but the narration gradually became smoother and more bearable at the end (just as we see the protagonist's life all ironed out neatly).Definitely a no-brainer read. Enjoyable, nonetheless.

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