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Mary Jane Maffini
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Closet Confidential (2010)

This is a good example of the hobby mystery genre (not sure if that is a real category or not). Charlotte Adams is a closet organizer who sleuths on the side. Not surprisingly, the cops would like her to stop. But she is determined to find out if the debutante philanthropist Anabel really did ...

Closet Confidential (2010) by Mary Jane Maffini

The Dead Don't Get Out Much (2005)

Remembrance Day is a proud day for Camilla MacPhee's good friend, Mrs. Violet Parnell, one of five thousand Canadian women to go overseas during World War II. But the next day she has vanished. Camilla, with only a few letters and documents to guide her, follows her friend to Tuscany, chasing tho...

The Dead Don't Get Out Much (2005) by Mary Jane Maffini

Organize Your Corpses (2007)

Charlotte Adams is a professional organizer. Nothing is out of place in her closets-but her life's a mess. So she's dumped her cheating ex-fiancé, moved back home to Woodbridge, New York, and started making up to-do lists-some of which include solving the occasional murder. Charlotte's new job h...

Organize Your Corpses (2007) by Mary Jane Maffini

Little Boy Blues (2002)

In the third Camilla MacPhee Mystery, Camilla's looking forward to cutting loose at Ottawa's Bluesfest, the huge open-air extravaganza, and to seeing the tail end of her annoying office assistant, Alvin, who is finally quitting. Then the news comes from the East Coast. Alvin's younger brother Jim...

Little Boy Blues (2002) by Mary Jane Maffini

The Icing on the Corpse (2001)

In the second Camilla MacPhee mystery, it's now forty below in Canada's capital, but victims' advocate Camilla is feeling the heat. When a savage serial batterer goes on the rampage looking for revenge against his former girlfriend, the terrified woman turns to Camilla and Justice for Victims for...

The Icing on the Corpse (2001) by Mary Jane Maffini

The Cluttered Corpse

She’d arrived before us and was perched on Sally’s white leather sofa, surrounded by Barbie dolls and Thomas the Tanks. Her legs were crossed, and one foot was tapping dangerously. I checked around for tricky and protruding Lego projects. I hate sitting on them. There was no sign of Sally, but I ...

The Cluttered Corpse by Mary Jane Maffini

Death Loves a Messy Desk

If someone finds it, they can call someone close to you. As I pulled into Quovadicon, I noticed only one car left in the lot, and it wasn’t a silver Camry. That was weird. There must have been a separate lot for staff parking that I wasn’t aware of. I hopped out and checked the time. Four thirty....

Death Loves a Messy Desk by Mary Jane Maffini

The Busy Woman's Guide to Murder (2011)

Stop yourself whenever you decide to procrastinate and turn your negative self-talk into positive messages. Break the habit. 16 Although the flashing lights were a welcome sight and the paramedics got Haley out of the Santa Fe and into the ambulance efficiently, I wasn’t doing too well myself. I ...

The Busy Woman's Guide to Murder (2011) by Mary Jane Maffini

Fiona Silk Mysteries 2-Book Bundle

Aubaine village council must have had a financial surplus, and they’d blown it on the cop shop. Automatic key cards, bullet-proof glass, an intercom system to talk to the desk staff, this police station had the whole shebang. “Expecting a siege?” Since I’d started to believe this was all a bad dr...

Fiona Silk Mysteries 2-Book Bundle by Mary Jane Maffini

Law and Disorder

It was just past ten when I snuggled into bed with Gussie and the cat and made my nightly call to Ray. The air had cooled enough to leave the windows open and the air conditioner off. Somehow that seemed like a luxury. “I see you left several voice mails and also phoned a few more times without l...

Law and Disorder by Mary Jane Maffini

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