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Law and Disorder

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Law And Disorder - Plot & Excerpts

It was just past ten when I snuggled into bed with Gussie and the cat and made my nightly call to Ray. The air had cooled enough to leave the windows open and the air conditioner off. Somehow that seemed like a luxury.
“I see you left several voice mails and also phoned a few more times without leaving any messages,” I said.
“Just wanting to know how everything is going.”
“Great,” I said. “Just great.”
“And the girls?”
“They got here in one piece. Well, two pieces, not including luggage.”
“They’re settled in?”
“For sure. They’ve been training all day and…” I realized I was light on Ashley and Brittany details. In fact, I had no idea if they were even back in the house. I heaved myself out of bed and padded along the hallway to the guest room, leaving a disgruntled dog and cat behind. In the guest quarters, clothing lay jumbled around on one side of the room and folded neatly on the other. I wondered which of the girls was like me and which was like my neat freak sisters.

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