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Richard Kadrey
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Sandman Slim (2002)

Sandman Slim is a man with a criminal past who was sent to Hell while still alive. After 11 years he returns, seeking vengeance for what was done to him and the killing of his girlfriend Alice. He finds himself caught up in a literal struggle for control of Heaven and Hell.Didn't really like an...

Sandman Slim (2002) by Richard Kadrey

Kill the Dead (2010)

Der rauchende, trinkende, mordende Halbengel Richard Kadrey schreibt nicht nur fleißig Romane und Kurzgeschichten, er ist auch Fotograf. Eine eigene Website für seine Fotografie habe ich bei meinen Recherchen nicht gefunden, doch selbst wenn, würde ich sie nicht verlinken. Ich persönlich finde se...

Kill the Dead (2010) by Richard Kadrey

Aloha from Hell (2011)

The Sandman Slim books are just like those gritty hard boiled detective novels, with a battle between Heaven and Hell thrown in. They're also a whole bunch of fun. Stark is a major smartass, with some genuine laugh out loud ( no abbreviations there suckers) moments. This one is not quite as good ...

Aloha from Hell (2011) by Richard Kadrey

Devil in the Dollhouse (2012)

Being Lucifer isn’t a fun job and it takes Stark into the outer reaches of hell in this short, violent and very bloody story. Lucifer #1 has left him a hell of a mess to clean up and although it’s the last thing he wants, Stark has to make sure he is acknowledged, if not approved, as the Lord of ...

Devil in the Dollhouse (2012) by Richard Kadrey

The Getaway God (2014)

I always enjoy the Sandman Slim novels, a combination of hard boiled detective, monster stories, and save the world from Lovecraftian gods mythos, always ending in a "you've saved the world, but you're still screwed." In this one, Candy, Slim's girlfriend, is slowly being poisoned, but he cannot ...

The Getaway God (2014) by Richard Kadrey

Butcher Bird: A Novel of The Dominion (2007)

I felt like I am part of the target audience for this book. On the other hand, I felt like the book did a bit too much poking about that: “Hey! This is a book just for people like you! Who like tattoos! And bars! And are into mythology and fantasy! You’re badass and cool! Check it out!” Yeah, ok....

Butcher Bird: A Novel of The Dominion (2007) by Richard Kadrey

Kill City Blues: A Sandman Slim Novel

Ex-Devil technically, but then technically we’re both ex-Devils. He was Lucifer before I was. Now he’s Samael and I’m back to just plain Stark.     I take a bite of an apple fritter.     “How’s your donut?”     Samael eyes his glazed old...

Kill City Blues: A Sandman Slim Novel by Richard Kadrey

Devil Said Bang

I figure that with a Gumby-colored sky and radio tall tales about Catalina as the new Atlantis, no one is going to pay attention to the bike. Manimal Mike has a garage. I’ll ask him if he can set me up with a set of plates. These cardboard-and-Sharpie ones are only convincing if you don’t actuall...

Devil Said Bang by Richard Kadrey

Sandman Slim with Bonus Content

That’s about how much fun it is hunting a vampire. Personally, I don’t have anything against shroud eaters. They’re just another kind of addict in a city of addicts. Since most of them started out as civilians, the percentage of decent vampires to complete bastards is about the same as regular pe...

Sandman Slim with Bonus Content by Richard Kadrey

Butcher Bird

"I am the ghost of Christmas past." "How long you been rehearsing that one, you little shit?""I had it for a while, but I was saving it for a special occasion, grandpa." "At least I know what you are." "What?" asked the younger Spyder."What's the line? 'An undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustar...

Butcher Bird by Richard Kadrey

Killing Pretty (2015)

He falls to his knees, but I don’t think it’s the pain, though I make sure there’s plenty of that. It’s the sound. The crack of bonesx as they shatter. A sound that lets you know they’re never going to heal quite right and you’re going to spend the rest of eternity drinking your ambrosia slushies...

Killing Pretty (2015) by Richard Kadrey

Dead Set (2013)

said Mr. Danvers in class the next day. “A predator, say a wolf or a shark, will generally catch and kill its prey. What does that leave for the scavengers?”     A girl with short blue hair and black, kohled eyes said, “They find stuff to eat. Animals and things that are alrea...

Dead Set (2013) by Richard Kadrey

Devil in the Dollhouse: A Sandman Slim Story

Exit signs and overhead lights are melted to slag. Buildings along the edges of the road look more like the stone skeletons of giant fish than settlements. We have to inch our way down and then back up collapsed overpasses like arthritic grasshoppers.     And it gets worse. Th...

Devil in the Dollhouse: A Sandman Slim Story by Richard Kadrey

Suspect Zero

The parking lot was littered with broken beer bottles and strewn garbage from where someone had kicked over one of the cans. So many rocks had been thrown through the lighted sign over the door all Gabriel could read was NITE MART.     Before the killer got out Gabriel said, “...

Suspect Zero by Richard Kadrey

The Everything Box (2016)

Benches occupied by people (or at least people-ish) things. The occasional ghost drifted by carrying transparent shopping bags. Coop saw a group of bird ladies like the one at the DOPS. A few mooks window-shopping. And at least a dozen different species of human and inhuman creatures strolling by...

The Everything Box (2016) by Richard Kadrey

The Perdition Score (2016)

Candy doesn’t wake up and Allegra is asleep next to Vidocq. I take the call in the kitchen. “Elsabeth called. It sounds like you had a busy night,” says Abbot. “Consider Burgess an early Christmas present.” “You’ll be interested to know that a lot of powerful people vanished into thin air last ni...

The Perdition Score (2016) by Richard Kadrey

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