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Sandman Slim (2002)

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0061714305 (ISBN13: 9780061714306)
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Sandman Slim (2002) - Plot & Excerpts

Sandman Slim is a man with a criminal past who was sent to Hell while still alive. After 11 years he returns, seeking vengeance for what was done to him and the killing of his girlfriend Alice. He finds himself caught up in a literal struggle for control of Heaven and Hell.Didn't really like any of the major characters and there was little humor, but it was an exciting, interesting story and was well written. I read this book a few years ago and it completely blew me away. Kadrey's Sandman Slim was like a shot whiskey served in a dirty glass. Pure Pulpy fun. The book reads like a lovechild of Richard Stark and Jim Butcher. In fact, it's what Harry Dresden wants to be when he grows up and discovers his ball. James Stark or just plain Stark has just escaped hell, literally. He just crawled out of the ass crack of hell after being trapped their by his former crew. Now he's out for revenge. If you like the revenge flicks , you'll enjoy this book, hell the whole series really. It reads like Mel Gibson's Payback with supernatural overtones. Foul language, Rampant violence, Angels with dirty faces, devils with a heart of gold, it's all there. Great first novel in a fantastic series.

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Such a weird mash up of genres, but it works.

this book is a rush

AWESOME! Loved it!

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