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Robin Wasserman
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Envy (2006)

tI read the book "Envy", which is the second book of the 7 Deadly Sins series, by Robin Wasserman. Overall, the book was extremely good; again there was never a dull moment. The entire book kept me on my edge and made me wonder what would happen next. "Envy" is about Harper finally getting what s...

Envy (2006) by Robin Wasserman

Lust (2005)

From heart breaks to school tests, the book “Lust” is an interesting fiction book to read. The book is written by Robin Wasserman. It will always leave you wanting more! Here the ‘queen bee’ Miss Harper Grace is all about her popularity and fan club, but yet she seems to not be happy, because wh...

Lust (2005) by Robin Wasserman

Gluttony (2007)

It's Vegas, baby! Anything can happen. Reed has a (small) chance to win fame and fortune, thanks to his "entourage," Beth. Sick of feeling like a loser, Harper's betting she can win back her life, starting with Miranda -- whose birthday wish just might come true.... Adam's also getting l...

Gluttony (2007) by Robin Wasserman

Wrath (2006)

Beth was transformed from a nobody to a somebody, but now she's B-list again. She -- and everybody else -- got played by Kaia, Kane and Harper. Nobody can comfort Miranda, who feels so betrayed that she's sworn revenge. Adam is lashing out at anybody who will listen -- or buy him a drink...

Wrath (2006) by Robin Wasserman

Sloth (2006)

One of the seven is dead, and everyone's reeling: Adam's done. With love, with school...with everything. Done. Beth's doing her best to act "normal," but even Reed recognizes devastation, since all he does is fantasize about Kaia. Miranda's lost too. Did she ever really forgive Harper? ...

Sloth (2006) by Robin Wasserman

Skinned -1

I hate it,” I told Auden as we walked to class. The hal way was mostly empty, but not empty enough. “What?” “The way they al stare at me.” “No one’s—” “Spare me,” I said. “Okay. They’re staring. But at least they notice you,” he said. “Would you rather be invisible?” I didn’t want to tel him that...

Skinned -1 by Robin Wasserman

Envy - 2

Of course she had to be nice to Adam’s girlfriend, and pretend they were friends, but that didn’t mean they needed to be bosom buddies. So usual y, after suffering through the forty-five minutes of torture better known as phys ed, she stayed on the other side of the locker room, sliding out of he...

Envy - 2 by Robin Wasserman

The Book of Blood and Shadow

Adriane’s door was closed. I knocked, without thinking, then remembered, and felt like a gut-punched fool—until the knob turned in my grip, and Adriane opened the door.“Surprise!” She twirled for me, radiant in a strappy yellow dress. Inside the Whitman Center, it was always summer. “You’re surpr...

The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman


Watching Ani hang all over Quinn, watching Quinn hang all over everyone else. Talking about nothing. Scaling buildings and jumping off cliffs, trying to feel.Not normal: Ariana Croft, a girl with a stranger's name and my face, arrested for the corp-town attack. My face all over the vids, panic ev...

Crashed by Robin Wasserman

Wired (Skinned, Book 3)

What was I willing to do to save a thousand mechs? "It's like you always say, Jude. They're orgs. They're weak. We use that." I waited for him to get there before I could say it, so it could be his idea, and his responsibility. But he didn't. "We knock them out," I added. "If we could get access ...

Wired (Skinned, Book 3) by Robin Wasserman


I yanked my hand away. “What the hell are you doing?” “I should be asking you that,” Jude shot back. “I just wanted to see if you were in here—no one asked you to molest me.” I sat up, trying to shake off the effects of the dreamer. After, everything felt hollow. Shadows flickered in corners, lik...

Shattered by Robin Wasserman

Lust - 1

Harper stared down at her French quiz, the letters swimming on the page, as she struggled to focus on the subjonctif tense instead of on Adam. She’d been having just a little problem with that al day long. She’d seen him the night before, shooting hoops in his driveway. No shirt on. God, she want...

Lust - 1 by Robin Wasserman


Very, very good? Too bad. Reality check: Santa doesn’t care if you’re naughty or nice. So you might as well have a little fun. And there’s still time. New Year’s Eve 512 Red Rock Road 9 p.m. to dawn Start your New Year off right—or, even better, very, very wrong. —K Adam locked the front door beh...

Pride by Robin Wasserman

Wrath - 4

Grace.” Jack Powel frowned sternly at her, and ran a hand through his floppy brown hair. “Do you have any evidence to back up these claims?” Other than absolute certainty in the pit of her stomach? Other than nearly explicit—but undocumented—admissions from both suspects? Uh … “No,” she admitted....

Wrath - 4 by Robin Wasserman

The Waking Dark (2013)

One typical year, as those were the only kind Oleander dealt in, even the year of the killing day. In blood as in drought or in poverty or in flame, Oleander was Oleander, and there were still crops to be sown and meth to be harvested, pies to be baked and pigs to be prized, bargains to be hunted...

The Waking Dark (2013) by Robin Wasserman

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