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Envy (2006)

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Envy (2006) - Plot & Excerpts

tI read the book "Envy", which is the second book of the 7 Deadly Sins series, by Robin Wasserman. Overall, the book was extremely good; again there was never a dull moment. The entire book kept me on my edge and made me wonder what would happen next. "Envy" is about Harper finally getting what she wants, Adam, but with Kaia’s and Kane’s help. Also, Kane getting Beth, which means that Adam and Beth split up. Their relationship was already on the brink of being done, which made it really easy for Kaia, Kane, and Harper to follow through with their mischievous plan. There are revealing secrets with Mr. Powell, the French teacher, that come out in the middle of the book.Characterization really comes out in this book. Beth really shows that she is caring and that she loves Adam, but she keeps the Mr. Powell secret to herself. Kaia’s secret of acting innocent is vanished and everyone knows her true self.. Adam’s character does not change as much, except for his feelings for Beth; he becomes confused. Harper is still the alpha girl, but she starts to betray someone who is supposed to be her best friend. Mr. Powell says he has a rule of not getting involved with his students, but with Beth he has different circumstances. Towards the end of the book, I learned that he has a weak spot when it comes to Kaia.t"Envy" also takes place in modern day, because of the dialect and the clothing that was worn. The actual setting of the book mainly takes place at the high school, there are some other locations mentioned in the book.tA theme that appears is wanting what you cannot have. This applies to Kaia especially, because she wants Mr. Powell, but he is being reluctant towards her. Another theme that I found was a theme of jealousy, which applies to Kane and Harper. They are both jealous of Adam and Beth, that is until they break up.tI recommend this book to readers that are in high school or above. The reason why I recommend it to that specific group is because there is some gruesome language. The events that happened are for a mature crowd.

» Review can also be found on Orchids & Amethysts.Title: Envy (Seven Deadly Sins #02)Author: Robin WassermanRating: 3/5In the second book of the series, you get a deeper view on the characters and their stories. In addition, Robin also writes more about Miranda and Kane in this book, which I'm grateful for since they didn't take the big roles in the first book. Harper is still wanting Adam to finally want her. So along with Kane (who still wants a little challenge named Beth, who is Adam's girlfriend) she creates a masterplan that somehow involves Kaia at some point of the story then. Kaia herself is doing her best to make the French teacher Mr. Powell losing sleep over her. (Or actually with her... Small word game here.) Still, all Miranda can see is Kane, and yet her best fiend Harper tells her to look for a little fun with someone else.I'm not sure I liked this one better than the first. They're both good. Fact, there was more "Lust" in this book, than in "Lust" itself.

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Book Two of the Seven Deadly Sins by Robin Wasserman, has Harper plotting with Kane and Kaia to break up Adam and Beth. I am most excited to read the third book to find out more about all the deals Kane, kaia and Harper continue to come up with to ruin Beth's life. But Kane thinks he will be making Beth's life better (even though he is a snake with girls)by taking her away from Adam, after all Adam took her from Kane in the first place. Stay tuned for more good times...with this bored group from Grace California.

Oh my God?Confession: I found the first half of the novel to be a bit of a drag, just because it was so similar to Lust. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've always thought that although the books within a series usually follow the same general storyline, each book is meant to have its own individual plot/s or obstacle/s. The beginning of Envy didn't feel that way. It is around 160 pages in when everything starts to change, though; new plots develop or thicken, plans are finally put into action, characters become just a little more screwed up... Trust me, it is definitely worth the waiting.

Envy is part of a series called the seven deadly sins. It is a novel about jealousy and envy about others. A guy and a girl worked together to break up a happy couple and it worked! The original happy couple blamed one another and the story has a lot of misunderstanding of different characters. It makes me mad because the couple couldn't talk it over and broke up because of some misunderstanding. Also, betrayal is a big theme in this book. The partners got what they wanted and continued to keep their secret about breaking up their best friends' relationship.
—Qing Yu

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