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Sandy James
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Rules of the Game (2012)

Loved it! Awesome characters, especially Scott and Eli, as well as unexpected twists and turns! A real page turner! Maddie is determined to go to her high school reunion with a hot biker guy on her arm. But she gets way more than she asks for. Why can't high school reunions ever be fun, entertain...

Rules of the Game (2012) by Sandy James

The Reluctant Amazon (2012)

I enjoyed the story but I certainly would have enjoyed the story much more if we could keep books like this as PG-13 as opposed to having soft pornographic sections. How on earth can this be listed as children's fiction? I have long been happily married and I just don't think the graphic sex sc...

The Reluctant Amazon (2012) by Sandy James

All the Right Reasons (2009)

I just finished this last night and have so say I thouroughly enjoyed the characters of Lucas and Joy. They both were searching to "find" themselves in a way and escape their realities. I loved Joy's Gypsy background and strong sense of Family. When she sets eyes on Lucas, she knows he will be...

All the Right Reasons (2009) by Sandy James

The Bottom Line

The longest day of the year. Mallory shoved her keys in the ignition, ready to be home and thanking God her house was only a few minutes’ drive. She’d go ahead and kick her shoes off if she wasn’t afraid her feet would swell up on the trip. If she couldn’t get her shoes back on, she’d have to wal...

The Bottom Line by Sandy James

Turning Thirty-Twelve

It wasn’t that Mark was late. In fact, he was a couple minutes early. The problem was me. I’d managed to work myself up into such a collection of nerves that my hands literally hurt from wringing them. Jacket on, jacket off. Jacket on, jacket off. I let out a small squeal when I heard the doorbel...

Turning Thirty-Twelve by Sandy James

Sealing the Deal

In her eyes, he was still that kid who liked to stir up trouble, the bad boy who Tiffany claimed to love. The good times and the bad were right there, plain as day.How could Tiffany have hidden his child from him? Why was her sister too afraid to tell him about Emma? What did Tiffany know that Be...

Sealing the Deal by Sandy James

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

A compulsive gambler? Gamblers were people with no self-control. Connor couldn’t possibly be a gambler. The man had anal retentive down to an art form. His whole life was an exercise in control. A gambler? No. No way. But the words had spilled from his own mouth. He’d confessed with a clear, stea...

Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Sandy James

Fringe Benefits

It was moving day for Nate, and she was worried about meeting his brother.     A blue pickup was backing into the driveway as he signaled directions to the driver. A walnut bedroom set, a thick mattress, and a box spring were piled in the truck bed. Since the basement was furn...

Fringe Benefits by Sandy James

The Volatile Amazon (2013)

How dare she stand there looking all sweet and innocence when she married the man who’d destroyed everything he’d believed in? “Have you nothing to say?”     Her shrug pushed his control to the snapping point.     Rebecca had pledged herself for all eternit...

The Volatile Amazon (2013) by Sandy James

The Brazen Amazon (2013)

Artair insisted.     Zach paced ten steps down the mess hall’s aisle, turned and marched ten steps back. He’d been doing so for what seemed like hours as he tried to convince the Sentinels to go after Gina.     “Zach, you’ve gotta calm down,” Johann said. H...

The Brazen Amazon (2013) by Sandy James

The Impetuous Amazon (2012)

It certainly shocked the hell out of Megan.     She’d expected to see Rebecca’s arrow flying at Chernabog not Natasha plunging a knife into his back.     Chernabog’s enraged bellow echoed through the field as he twisted around, flapping his wings and trying...

The Impetuous Amazon (2012) by Sandy James

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