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Saul Tanpepper
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S.W. Tanpepper's GAMELAND, Season One Omnibus (2015)

Three intact zombies and one that’s missing both arms. It makes up for it with a full complement of teeth.     The door slams back into place, only slightly askew, and I wedge the final piece of furniture into the remaining gap, jumping on it until it’s in good and tight. &nbs...

S.W. Tanpepper's GAMELAND, Season One Omnibus (2015) by Saul Tanpepper

Deadman's Switch & Sunder the Hollow Ones (2013)

But the blade slices through the fabric like butter. There’s a loud screech! a thunk! and it comes to a sudden, shuddering stop.     Kelly and I tumble to the floor, our feet entangled. We both stare at the horrific scene, the vibrating cable thrumming like a swarm of wasps. N...

Deadman's Switch & Sunder the Hollow Ones (2013) by Saul Tanpepper


It would be the first of many such appeals. As her creator, the connection I’ve felt with Cassie since first meeting her in Sunder the Hollow Ones has been both deep and personal. Nevertheless, for a character whose entire contribution to the nearly half-million-word series occupies just eight of...

Velveteen by Saul Tanpepper

They Dreamed of Poppies (a novelette)

Most of us didn’t even know how we were supposed to feel about the whole situation, the mission. The likelihood of survival wasn’t very good to begin with. Then again, chances were no better had we chosen not to go.     Much of the doubt stemmed from the mystery of the colonis...

They Dreamed of Poppies (a novelette) by Saul Tanpepper

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