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They Dreamed of Poppies (a novelette)

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Brinestone Press

They Dreamed Of Poppies (a Novelette) - Plot & Excerpts

Most of us didn’t even know how we were supposed to feel about the whole situation, the mission. The likelihood of survival wasn’t very good to begin with. Then again, chances were no better had we chosen not to go.
    Much of the doubt stemmed from the mystery of the colonists who went missing fifteen years ago. The uncertainty infected us all, though not enough to dispel the hope we clung to as if it were a life raft. Everyone believed that we would somehow, despite the heavy odds against us, persevere. We would make this work, even if it turned out the planet was just as dead as we feared the colonists were.
    Hope. In the entirety of human existence, no tool has ever been wielded to greater effect. And no weapon has ever caused more to be lost.
    For those few of us old enough to remember what it was like to stand on solid ground, to dig one’s toes into the damp earth, to feel the wind from some far-off place on our skin, this mission represents more than just a chance to live.

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