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Sharan Newman
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Heresy (2002)

Stated First Edition. A Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket.

Heresy (2002) by Sharan Newman

Death Comes As Epiphany (2002)

A quick look (not necessarily exhaustive or complete) through the list of those who have read this book on shows that I may be the only person of male gender to have read this book. Hmmm, Oh well, I enjoyed it anyway. It's a murder mystery, historical novel (12th Century France), r...

Death Comes As Epiphany (2002) by Sharan Newman

Guinevere Evermore (1998)

Guinevere is widely acknowledged as the most extraordinary woman in legend. From golden child to Queen of Camelot to passionate adulterer, her life is a vivid an fascinating saga. In this spellbinding climax to the tale of Guinevere--which began with Guinevere and continued in The Chessboard Quee...

Guinevere Evermore (1998) by Sharan Newman

The Outcast Dove (2003)

"The Outcast Dove" is the ninth title in Sharan Newman's Catherine LeVendeur mystery series. In these well-researched novels filled with fascinating details of medieval life, Newman conveys the sounds, smells, and human concerns of twelfth-century France and creates characters who seem to have ju...

The Outcast Dove (2003) by Sharan Newman

The Witch in the Well (2004)

Catherine LeVendeur is a creature of 12th century France whose life is a mirror of her times--but she is armed with a keen mind and lively curiosity. When Catherine's grandfather sends for his family to tell them their well is going dry, Catherine is alarmed. The family's wealth depends on its s...

The Witch in the Well (2004) by Sharan Newman

The Devil's Door (2004)

The story in this historical novel takes place during the time period leading up to the final confrontation between Bernard of Clairvaux and Peter Abelard at the council of Sens. (The novel says this occurred 1140 A.D.; Wikipedia says 1141 A.D.) This historical setting is peripheral to the fictio...

The Devil's Door (2004) by Sharan Newman

Cursed in the Blood (2000)

The fifth in Sharan Newman's highly authentic and richly praised series, Cursed in the Blood finds Catherine LeVendeur venturing to the cold and tumultuous homeland of her husband--only to realize that vast differences between Edgar's family and her own. After making the pilgrimage to Compostela ...

Cursed in the Blood (2000) by Sharan Newman

Strong as Death (1997)

This is a historical novel that takes place in southern France and northern Spain in the year 1142. This happens to be the year Peter Abelard (of Abelard and Heloise fame) died which is noted in this book. However, the main historical character being followed by this book is Peter the Venerable...

Strong as Death (1997) by Sharan Newman

To Wear The White Cloak (2003)

#7 Catherine LeVendeur historical mystery series set in medieval France. Catherine, Edgar and their household return home to Paris after a year's absence in Germany, where they'd gone to assist Catherine's sister Agnes with a problem. Upon returning, they find a dead body in their counting room, ...

To Wear The White Cloak (2003) by Sharan Newman

The Difficult Saint (2000)

This review has been edited to include the following message from the author. I emailed her asking which character in the novel was the "Difficult Saint." Here is her reply:"Dear Curious; The title was taken from my friend Brian McGuire's biography of Bernard of Clairvaux, but I meant it to be...

The Difficult Saint (2000) by Sharan Newman

The Wandering Arm (2001)

This installment brought us a lot more insight into the lives of French Jewry in the late 12th century (I think it's the first book where the dates that head each chapter are given in Gregorian and Jewish calendars.) The details of medieval life, work and industry are not only interesting, they'r...

The Wandering Arm (2001) by Sharan Newman

The Chessboard Queen (1997)

In Guinevere, Sharan Newman told us the story of that lovely and legendary woman's childhood up until her wedding night. Guinevere is now the beautiful young wife and queen of King Arthur, a position much-coveted by all women of Camelot. But nothing in life is ever certain, and soon Guinevere dis...

The Chessboard Queen (1997) by Sharan Newman

The Real History of the End of the World (2010)

All who saw the light of the first and second angels’ messages and rejected that light, were left in darkness. —Ellen Gould White, founder of the Seventh-Day Adventists1     Of the many religious movements of the early nineteenth century, one of the most controversial was started by a solid farme...

The Real History of the End of the World (2010) by Sharan Newman

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