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Shawn Kupfer
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Fear and Anger (The 47 Echo Series)

An hour later, he and Hansen were still in the tiny concrete bunker, Hansen snoring quietly in a sitting position up against the wall. Nick kept an eye on the window, waiting for any cars to pass – the only ones that came by were PLA vehicles. Every time an olive-green vehicle came by, Nick click...

Fear and Anger (The 47 Echo Series) by Shawn Kupfer


Nick said.     “I’m just so damn proud, is all. That was a hell of a scam you pulled off,” Christopher replied, not bothering to hold in his laughter.     “It was pretty impressive, boss. I mean, you got them to give us guns, extra ammo, uniforms, even fill...

Supercritical by Shawn Kupfer

47 Echo (2011)

Peter and Michael helped Nick secure Kenneth to one of the chairs in the apartment with some spare bedsheets. “All right, kids. We’ve got eight hours until anyone’s looking for us tomorrow morning. There’s nine of us. An hour watch each, and one of us gets a pass tonight. ...

47 Echo (2011) by Shawn Kupfer

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