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Fear and Anger (The 47 Echo Series)

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Fear And Anger (The 47 Echo Series) - Plot & Excerpts

An hour later, he and Hansen were still in the tiny concrete bunker, Hansen snoring quietly in a sitting position up against the wall. Nick kept an eye on the window, waiting for any cars to pass – the only ones that came by were PLA vehicles. Every time an olive-green vehicle came by, Nick clicked the safety off his assault rifle and readied himself to shoot his way out of the substation, but no one came near.Probably taking them some time to sort through the data, or the facial recognition software didn’t come up until after the camera came on, he reasoned, still jumping every time he saw an Army vehicle or a camouflage uniform.Just the wrong moment. It had been happening since Nick hit the ground inside Chinese lines – everything happened at the wrong moment. If he’d realized the camera was there on the ferry, or in Shanghai, it wouldn’t have been hard to lay his hands on a civilian vehicle. Now, essentially across the street from a huge military base, a non-military car was a white whale.

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