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Sloane Crosley
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How Did You Get This Number (2010)

I hate this book and I really really dislike Sloane Crosley.I confess, I hated her first book so I don't really know what possessed me to read her second one. It was a library book so maybe that's it? It was free. It wasn't checked out by anyone else. It has a clever title and it sounds like some...

How Did You Get This Number (2010) by Sloane Crosley

Up the Down Volcano (2000)

This is a good three not a bad three. It was funnish but not a perfect little essay. At 34 pages of attitude, you really can't go wrong confirming that mountain climbing will probably never be your thing. By you I mean me. My poor ears can barely handle weather systems coming through at a "normal...

Up the Down Volcano (2000) by Sloane Crosley

The Best American Travel Writing 2011

Measured in seating capacity, the comparison is if anything belittling: the Colosseum could accommodate 55,000 spectators; Bristol has room for three times that number. But unlike the streets of ancient Rome, the rural byways of Sullivan County, in northeastern Tennessee, offer nothing else close...

The Best American Travel Writing 2011 by Sloane Crosley

The Clasp (2015)

This was the pinnacle of self-doubt, considering he had the bride, the groom, and the mother of the groom in tow. But this was the problem with meals that lasted for hours. The digestive and social rhythms were off. Some people were finishing their breakfasts while others stood, holding virgin pl...

The Clasp (2015) by Sloane Crosley

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