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The Clasp (2015)

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The Clasp (2015) - Plot & Excerpts

This was the pinnacle of self-doubt, considering he had the bride, the groom, and the mother of the groom in tow. But this was the problem with meals that lasted for hours. The digestive and social rhythms were off. Some people were finishing their breakfasts while others stood, holding virgin plates. He tweezed his gaze, trying to pluck out his friends. A gazelle-like presence of indiscriminate hair color flowed toward them. Grey. She wore a striped dress that, because she was pregnant, made her look like an optical illusion. Paul followed behind her, hands in his pockets. Sam made his way over as well, sporting a Knight Rider shirt, dark at the armpits.
“Bonjour!” Grey sideswiped every cheek.
“Do you mind?” Johanna put her hands on Grey’s collarbone and shifted the clasp of her necklace so that it was once again invisible.
“Make a wish,” she commanded.
Grey shut her eyes tightly and touched her midsection dramatically.
“Victor passed out in my mother’s bed!” Felix blurted out with glee.

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