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Speer, Flora
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Castle of the Heart

1116   “Who is Lady Elvira?” Arianna could not read very well yet, but she could make out the name on the packet Selene had just sealed with wax and her signet ring. “And what is this place where you are sending it?” “Poitou. She lives there. Elvira is a friend from my days in the convent. We pro...

Castle of the Heart by Speer, Flora

So Great A Love

The gown Isabel offered from her wardrobe was made of pale green silk, simply cut, with a wide, round neckline and loose sleeves that on Margaret reached to just below her elbows. The lacing at either side of the waist took care of extra material through the body of the dress when Laure drew the ...

So Great A Love by Speer, Flora

Love Above All

He nodded to Quentin and Fionna as they rode up, then turned his attention to Cadwallon and the protesting lady slung over the horse’s neck. He regarded the pair with open amusement. “My lady Janet,” Royce said, bowing in the saddle, “what a pleasure to meet you at last.” “Make this devil release...

Love Above All by Speer, Flora

Twelfth Night

Adam announced early the next morning. “If we are to bring in greenery, we will have to do it before midday, for I believe it will soon begin to snow again.” “We’ll need a Yule log,” cried Blaise, entering into the spirit of his father’s suggestion. “I know where the mistletoe grows. Let us ride ...

Twelfth Night by Speer, Flora

Viking Passion

The room was dim, brightened only by the daylight showing at the bottom of the wooden door and through the hole in the roof over the firepit. Lenora swung her feet to the floor and groped about until she located her gown. She had just picked it up when the door flew open, letting in a blaze of su...

Viking Passion by Speer, Flora

No Other Love

Herne paused, searching the shadows. “The entrance to Ananka’s grotto has to be here somewhere,” he said, “and in that grotto we’ll find the answers we need.” “If Ananka is capable of appearing at Saray’s house, then she isn’t confined to one place,” Merin pointed out. “In any case, you won’t fin...

No Other Love by Speer, Flora

True Love

said Eustace in a loud voice that carried from one end of the high table to the other. “After the way Braedon took unfair advantage of me during our contest on the first day of the tournament, it was a pleasure to watch him being defeated this afternoon. May all his wounds fester till his limbs t...

True Love by Speer, Flora

Rose Red

Her room was cold and the quilt had slipped away while she thrashed about in her sleep. Even as the dream faded from her mind, she tried to call it back so she could piece together the remnants of her too-familiar nightmare. Her thoughts grappled with the impression that this time there had been ...

Rose Red by Speer, Flora

Love Everlasting

She could only hope that Royce would want to do the same things to her again, and soon, so she could feel the soaring, bursting emotion that twice now had left her shattered, yet completed. His head was on her shoulder, his face nestled in the curve of her throat, and his breathing was slowly ret...

Love Everlasting by Speer, Flora

Love Beyond Time

It had taken all of his willpower to keep from pushing Danise down onto the soft grass to make passionate love to her. There had been a moment when he sensed that she would allow it, that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. But he owed a great debt to Savarec and he was determined not to do ...

Love Beyond Time by Speer, Flora

Time to Love Again

India sat on the bare ground between Theuderic and Marcion. The others were eating heartily, and she was hungry, too. She had a chunk of greasy meat in one hand, a crust of stale bread in the other, and a wooden cup of sour ale on the ground beside her. It was a wonderful, restorative feast. When...

Time to Love Again by Speer, Flora

Lady Lure

Perri stroked his thick hair, her fingertips lightly touching the silver strands at his temples. His head was resting between her breasts. She loved the feeling of his weight upon her and the warmth of his breath on her skin. “I’m sleeping.” He stretched against her like a large, well-satisfied c...

Lady Lure by Speer, Flora

Where Love Has Gone

Her mind and heart numbed by grief, too weary even to remove the dark grey woolen gown she had worn for Aglise’s funeral, she picked up a warm shawl from atop her clothing chest and sank onto the bed she had once shared with her sister. “I’ll undress later,” she murmured to herself, pulling the s...

Where Love Has Gone by Speer, Flora

Heart's Magic

“My lady.” Giles seemed to materialize out of the shadows. He put a hand on the door to Mirielle’s bedchamber, preventing her from closing it. “You are indeed lost, Sir Giles, to find yourself in this part of the castle.” Mirielle pushed on the door, trying to force it closed. Giles pushed harder...

Heart's Magic by Speer, Flora

Cast Love Aside

“Captain Piers is expected tomorrow” he reported to Magnus, who was in the bailey when he dismounted. “I ordered the man-at-arms you sent with me to stay in Hythe until the Daisy arrives, and warn Captain Piers that we need to use the ship as soon as possible.” “Good,” Magnus responded. “If all g...

Cast Love Aside by Speer, Flora

Castle of Dreams

On the appointed day a messenger from Walter appeared at Afoncaer bearing a letter. “Well?” Guy asked impatiently as Reynaud scanned the parchment. “Is Thomas ill, or injured perhaps? Reynaud, for God’s sake, tell me why he has not come with the messenger.” “Let Reynaud read, Guy, then he can tel...

Castle of Dreams by Speer, Flora

For Love And Honor

With the blackest scowl he could muster and the aggressive stride that made men under his command watch him in fear of his next move, Alain advanced into Piers’s study, holding in one hand a rolled-up and tied piece of parchment. Samira followed him into the room, looking first hopeful and then a...

For Love And Honor by Speer, Flora

Destiny's Lovers

“On Tamat’s command,” Sidra said, “you and I will go to the sacred grove to make certain nothing has been disturbed by Reid’s presence there.” “I told Tamat all was well,” Janina answered. “Reid did not touch the Water.” “Nevertheless, you will come with me.” When Sidra used that tone, Janina kne...

Destiny's Lovers by Speer, Flora


In a scene of barbaric splendor straight out of a Hollywood historical epic, the walls were draped with silk, low tables bearing gold or silver bowls of berries and early apples stood about the room, and pillows in bright colors were strewn over the wooden floor. The oil in the lamps was scented ...

Timestruck by Speer, Flora

Secret Heart

Jenia asked when she and Roarke were in the corridor outside Garit’s chamber. To her surprise, Roarke hadn’t remained there for very long. He’d looked hard at Garit, apparently taking note of the exhaustion written so clearly on his friend’s face, then had contented himself with a comradely clasp...

Secret Heart by Speer, Flora

Christmas Carol

The ballroom was large and it was badly crowded with elegantly dressed people. “What a crush,” gasped Penelope. “Lady Lynnville must be delighted to know her affair will be considered a huge success.” “Must social success be dependent upon how uncomfortable the guests are?” Carol demanded, trying...

Christmas Carol by Speer, Flora

Venus Rising

Her mood was not improved by the undisguised laughter she saw in Tarik’s eyes each time they met hers. Considering the situation in which they found themselves, his humor was infuriating to her. When Almaric had formally ushered them into a large reception room, Narisa could be quiet no longer. “...

Venus Rising by Speer, Flora

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