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So Great A Love

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Flora Speer

So Great A Love - Plot & Excerpts

The gown Isabel offered from her wardrobe was made of pale green silk, simply cut, with a wide, round neckline and loose sleeves that on Margaret reached to just below her elbows. The lacing at either side of the waist took care of extra material through the body of the dress when Laure drew the laces tight. The only remaining problem was in the length, for Margaret stood a full foot taller than the diminutive Isabel. It was only Margaret's extreme slenderness that allowed her to get into the dress at all.
“I know just the thing to fix the skirt,”
Isabel said, and gave hasty instructions to her maid, who left the room. “Don’t worry, Margaret; my Laure is an expert needlewoman.
Now, you will need a veil to replace your wimple, and I do not think you have one with you. I have several in my trunks, so you may have your choice. What about a circlet to wear over the veil?”
“There must be a gold circlet here at Bowen,”
Catherine said after considering the matter for a moment. “I will speak to my father, or to Sir Wace, about it.”

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