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The Sapphire Dragon

By the way it looked, Drake had told him to be discreet. The body guards usually were discreet, but there were usually more of them and no matter how unobtrusive six guys tried to be, they were just too much.     “I don’t see your men anywhere,” she said as she glanced out thr...

The Sapphire Dragon by Tianna Xander

Lost in Paradise

Someone closed the blinds on the west windows, blocking the glare from the afternoon sun.     What could she do? She felt like a fool. She should have known that someone so frickin’ hawt wouldn’t want anything to do with her, once the sun came up.     She s...

Lost in Paradise by Tianna Xander

BearyMerryChristmas (2011)

Instead, she finds two gorgeous shifters who are hot enough to die for. When Lara’s car breaks down, she starts walking, even when logic dictates she stay with her car. After walking for miles in the cold Scottish Highlands in December, she follows a pair of unlikely prophets in the form of turtl...

BearyMerryChristmas (2011) by Tianna Xander

AMelodyInParadise (2012)

When Melody Madison, new first violin, first chair of the New Haven Philharmonic gets strange threatening letters from a deranged fan, she has nowhere to turn. With her family gone, she has only her best friend, Carmen and Carmen’s uncles to turn to. Can the men help her in her time of need and w...

AMelodyInParadise (2012) by Tianna Xander

Loving the Tigers

It was all he could do to keep himself from yanking her out of his arms and into his own. He wasn’t jealous—never that. Impatience drove him to taste her himself.     When Derek finally lifted his head and met his look with a slight nod, Zach reached out and gently pulled her ...

Loving the Tigers by Tianna Xander


Two diet colas.” The waitress plopped two glasses down in front of them. Kendra’s looked as though it was half full of ice. That didn’t bother her. She loved her drinks cold and she didn’t drink a lot of cola, diet or otherwise.She imagined the waitress thought it would upset her. Instead, it mad...

Galen by Tianna Xander

PolarBearS-express (2012)

Two Scottish men, if their accents were any indication. Lifting her hand, she rubbed her forehead with a frown and opened her eyes. She was in her cabin. Well…her cabin for the next three weeks, anyway. How did I get here? Turning her head, she watched the nice blaze burning merrily in the firepl...

PolarBearS-express (2012) by Tianna Xander

Two Bears For Christmas

Something told her not to come. It was going to be impossible to get a cab tonight. The only reason she came, was because something inside her insisted she should be here.     She stared through the large plate-glass window and frowned when she saw a pair of small snow-white b...

Two Bears For Christmas by Tianna Xander

Woman Beware

Tears filled her eyes as she thought about all she had lost—her friends, home and car. Mainly, she was upset about her friends and family. She’d learned long ago that she could easily replace things—family and friends she could not. If it weren’t for her sisters, mother and Maria, she wouldn’t be...

Woman Beware by Tianna Xander

HauntedPassion (2012)

When Jeni makes a trip to Ireland on a whim, she finds the impossible. The two men she’s dreamed about most of her life are nineteenth century ghosts! Despite that, they want her with the same heat that they have displayed in her dreams for the last several years. Will she survive a night in an a...

HauntedPassion (2012) by Tianna Xander

A Faire in Paradise

Wade said as he tipped his hat. “Welcome to Paradise.”     “Thank you for allowing us to set up on your land. You have no idea how huge this is.”     Ryker rode up as the woman who smelled just like Sarah’s peach cobbler shifted her gaze to the ground and b...

A Faire in Paradise by Tianna Xander

The Silver Dragon

What luck to have this gorgeous woman dropped in his lap in his last days. He wanted to spend some time alone with her. They could stay in his room and whatever came of their time together would be of mutual, adult consent.     “I couldn’t possibly impose on you like that.” Ir...

The Silver Dragon by Tianna Xander

Shades Of Green

Eight others would accompany him to join Gaige and the others while they brought spring to the countryside.     Each of his cousins carried at least one passenger. Kiran, voted least likely to lose his way by the two leprechauns on his back, was leading the way back to the oth...

Shades Of Green by Tianna Xander

Where There is Hope [Taos Wolven Mates 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) (2012)

Bright light surrounded her as she looked around. She felt suspended for a long moment before the strong arms holding her to a warm chest shifted and she realized someone held her.     What happened? Had she fainted? She continued to look around, but the bright light was too m...

Where There is Hope [Taos Wolven Mates 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) (2012) by Tianna Xander

An Endowed Valentine

Always a romantic, I started weaving little fantasies for my friends at the tender age of fifteen. Never once did I think that writing would be my dream until around 2002. After complaining to my husband that my favorite authors didn’t write fast enough, my husband asked a fateful question. “Why ...

An Endowed Valentine by Tianna Xander

Visions Of Paradise

She didn’t know if she would have had it in her to do it, if not for the two men standing at her side.     The man thrived on intimidation. It was what he was doing to her now, what he had always done to her. Every instinct within her screamed for her to either submit or run. ...

Visions Of Paradise by Tianna Xander

Promise of Paradise

Her lovely violet gaze nearly brought him to his knees right in the middle of the parking lot. The surprising thing was, he didn’t give a damn.     The goddess’s scent pulled him to her like metal shards to a magnet and his beast sounded out—a feral scream. Mate!   &...

Promise of Paradise by Tianna Xander

A Summer in Paradise

She didn’t know what to expect next from the two men. She’d never felt this way. Never in her life had anyone taken the time to make her feel this wanted, or this sexy. She couldn’t count the assaults before she left Paradise. Most of the time she didn’t even want to think about them. Though, she...

A Summer in Paradise by Tianna Xander

Briannas Prophecy

Never would she have believed it was she who would have the power to call them forth from their hidden realm. She longed to see their crystal island, yearned, with everything within her, to see the island fortress that was called both Avalon and Atlantis.Chill wind blew in from the water, pressin...

Briannas Prophecy by Tianna Xander

TheWaterDragon (2013)

Summer watched as Emily sat up in bed. She wrapped the sheet around her legs, letting her feet dangle a few inches off the floor. “I’m going to be really angry if you tell me it’s because you don’t have enough money. You know darned well that creep my sister married has more money than God.” Drak...

TheWaterDragon (2013) by Tianna Xander

The Spirit Dragon

He barely stopped himself from changing into his dragon and attacking the three men who all but challenged him. What fool dared to tell him to release his mate? “I will release her when I am good and ready.” He yanked her to his side with a bit more enthusiasm than he had intended and wrapped his...

The Spirit Dragon by Tianna Xander

Woman Beheld

He’d already had the men take his childhood bed out and put it into storage in the undercroft. While there, they would clean the cradles and bring them up. There were four cradles altogether. One defender, he believed it was his great-great grandfather, had sired a set of quadruplets. Not one of ...

Woman Beheld by Tianna Xander

TheBrokenOrnament (2012)

Whatever gave people the idea that vampires were any different from them? Other than their dietary habits, vampires were very similar to humans. No one was sure how they deviated when they evolved. They weren’t cursed as far as he knew—other than they were cursed with longevity and living a...

TheBrokenOrnament (2012) by Tianna Xander

For the Love of Two Highland Bears

She’d known these two men for nearly a week now and it was the first time either of them showed her anything more than a common chivalry. Well…unless she counted Malcolm holding her close in the limo, but she had thought that was only because she’d passed out against him.     ...

For the Love of Two Highland Bears by Tianna Xander

Kalen (2012)

Her feet hurt and she was just plain tired. Heck, she was fairly certain she had run thirty or so miles since she jumped out of the van. She wanted nothing more than to take a shower and go to bed, but she couldn’t. There was no doubt in her mind that Kalen wouldn’t allow her to stay even one nig...

Kalen (2012) by Tianna Xander

Woman Bewitched

Marteeka stood in the center of his room gloriously naked but for the decadent leather boots. She was thin—too thin, yes, but still beautiful. Her skin glowed a healthy pink now that she’d had a few good meals in her and her cheeks had the rosy hue of health. Her posture stiff, she stood as one w...

Woman Bewitched by Tianna Xander

Halloween In Paradise

”I really do hope that you find your mate soon, Mel,” she whispered as he walked away. He seemed so sad. She wasn’t sure why he wanted a mate so badly. Most of the other retired Rangers didn’t want to settle down yet.     “He’ll be fine, love,” Vince said as he ushered her int...

Halloween In Paradise by Tianna Xander

Taming The Tigers

Maxim and his adopted brother came with them, each of them hoping what Carmen said about the human world was true.     He didn’t have the heart to tell the big bastards that any woman attracted to their tattooed tiger stripes could be just this side of crazy. Let them figure i...

Taming The Tigers by Tianna Xander

Tigers Like It Hot

He wanted to shift into his tiger, let her scream and faint, and get it over with. The problem was, he couldn’t. He knew that there was a small chance that it could do damage. Even the slightest chance that he could give her a stroke, heart attack or even a nervous breakdown was enough to keep hi...

Tigers Like It Hot by Tianna Xander

Mail-Order Bride [Taos Wolven Mates] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) (2012)

Lorcan should have returned from his visit with the ladies by now. As much as they both hated the thought that they had kidnapped the three women from their world, he knew they only did what they must to survive.     Without mates, their civilization would eventually crumble a...

Mail-Order Bride [Taos Wolven Mates] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) (2012) by Tianna Xander

The Red Dragon

The wind dried the tears on her cheeks as they flew over the countryside. The scent of the evening air filled her lungs as he flew over the mountains, taking her to what she could only guess was another of his lairs. Their flight was both exhilarating and frightening. She had only flown once befo...

The Red Dragon by Tianna Xander

MemoriesofParadise (2013)

Her face burned with mortification. Somehow, Clay knew what she and Gunter had done in her room while he showered. Now he was going to try to talk her into staying. Why? So he could get his piece of ass from her? “I don’t know what happened between you and Gunter to make you so angry, but whateve...

 MemoriesofParadise (2013) by Tianna Xander

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