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The Sapphire Dragon

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The Sapphire Dragon - Plot & Excerpts

By the way it looked, Drake had told him to be discreet. The body guards usually were discreet, but there were usually more of them and no matter how unobtrusive six guys tried to be, they were just too much.
    “I don’t see your men anywhere,” she said as she glanced out through the back window.
    “You don’t see them, because they aren’t there.” He stared at the rearview mirror for a moment and grinned. “You said you wanted a night alone. I took you at your word and told my men to stay home.”
    “I don’t believe it.” Daisy bounced in her seat. “A night out without an entourage is unheard of in Drake’s circles.”
    “I can imagine why. He is quite wealthy. I can see where he might think that a criminal could target someone he cares about. A person could get rich if they managed to kidnap one of you girls.”
    “You mean if they managed to kidnap April.

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