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Tracey West
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Astro-Knights Island (2012)

“We’d better hide this thing,” Alice suggested. “We don’t want the secret order to find it.”     They quickly hid it under a pile of hay and then sat down with their backs against it. Alice took a flask of water from her pouch, took a sip, and handed it to Simon.   &...

Astro-Knights Island (2012) by Tracey West

Astro Boy: The Movie

Hamegg sat at the head. “Let me guess—take-out pizza again?” Zane asked. Hamegg produced some battered-looking pizza boxes. “More like taken out of the trash again!” Sludge complained. “Picky, picky,” Hamegg said cheerfully. “It’s only a couple of days old. Look, this one still has toppings!” Ham...

Astro Boy: The Movie by Tracey West

Nashville Nights (2010)

Aly said to AJ. The two stood in front of Club Constellation, the most exclusive, hottest club in town. When celebrities came to town, this was where they went. Aly and AJ knew the club was dressy, so they ditched their jeans and put on some new dresses they had bought on tour. AJ wore a black ve...

Nashville Nights (2010) by Tracey West

Penguins of Madagascar Movie Novelization

He spoke to his henchmen. “Gentlemen, what we do now, we do for all octopus-­kind. But mostly for me.” Dave looked up to watch a news report on his TV screen. “BREAKING NEWS! The penguins have been found,” the reporter was saying. “Okay, according to my notes, genetic researcher Dr. Octavius Brin...

Penguins of Madagascar Movie Novelization by Tracey West

The Ninja Quest (2011)

 You and Amy decide to go around the mountain. As you waddle along, Amy asks you more questions about Sensei. “I can’t believe the rumors about ninjas are real,” she says. “If that’s true, who knows what else is on this island that we don’t know about!” Your mind starts to wander as you continue ...

The Ninja Quest (2011) by Tracey West

Singing in Seattle

“Maybe we should go talk to them,” Aly suggested. “I want to make sure that the other kids aren’t as upset as Heather.” “Good idea,” AJ agreed. The cramped backstage area was a mess of folding tables and benches. The contestants’ guitar cases and other belongings were strewn all over. They spotte...

Singing in Seattle by Tracey West

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