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Singing in Seattle

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Singing In Seattle - Plot & Excerpts

“Maybe we should go talk to them,” Aly suggested. “I want to make sure that the other kids aren’t as upset as Heather.”
“Good idea,” AJ agreed.
The cramped backstage area was a mess of folding tables and benches. The contestants’ guitar cases and other belongings were strewn all over. They spotted Austin talking excitedly to goth-looking Amber. They looked happy. In another corner, the country singer Kurt and the folksinger Rainbow were hugging each other.
“Let’s go talk to them,” Aly said.
They approached the two songwriters. “Hey, Kurt. Hey, Rainbow,” AJ began. “We just wanted to say that both of you have a lot of talent.”
“You should definitely keep writing songs,” Aly told them.
Rainbow nodded. “Thanks,” she said. “It would have been really cool to win. But somebody has to lose, right?”
“I just wish it wasn’t us,” Kurt said with a sad smile.
“And don’t let Heather bother you,” Rainbow added. “She’s, like, super-dramatic.”
The sisters thanked them and headed over to Claire.

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