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1. That's What Friends Are For

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1. That's What Friends Are For - Plot & Excerpts

Akin," Penny said the next morning. She placed the large package her mother wanted mailed in the window of the Payton post office and waited to have it weighed.
    "Well, hello there, Penny," he replied. "Guess you're pretty busy these days, what with getting ready for your wedding and all." She smiled at the elderly man who had worked at the post office as long as she could remember. "Yes, I have been." "Did you know young Brad Crawford is back in town?" he asked, his intent gaze letting her know it was no idle question.
    "Yes, I did. He had dinner with us last night, as a matter of fact." "Did he now? That's right interesting, considering you're marrying somebody else," "What difference does that make?'' "Well, folks around here kinda figured that sooner or later you and the Crawford boy would end up married to each other." "I have no idea why they would think that, Mr. Akin, just because we were next-door neighbors for years." "It's probably because the two of you were thicker than fleas on a hound's back, missy," he said in a no-nonsense voice.

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