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Read A Dark Grave (Elysium Chronicles, .5)

A Dark Grave (Elysium Chronicles, .5)

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A Dark Grave (Elysium Chronicles, .5) - Plot & Excerpts

Not a good thought on the day I’m hunting on a supposedly haunted island.
    I shudder at the chill that runs through my body; haunted or not, I’m hunting that island and I’m coming back with a boatload of meat.
As quietly as I can, I grab my rifle, my bow, and double-check my pack. Plenty of ammo? Check. Arrows, extra nocks, tips and quiver? Check. First-aid kit? Check.
I pause as I pass my brother’s room, and then move on quickly before he notices I’m leaving. He was upset when he found out I wasn’t taking him on this trip. I used the “too dangerous” excuse, and in all fairness, it’s true, but I really just needed to get away from his incessant chatter. There’s only so much a guy can take.
Mom’s got it in her head that I’m not “social” enough. That I need to spend more time with kids my age and, better yet, get a girlfriend.
“A nice, pretty girl from a good family,”
she keeps saying.
Right. It’s not that I don’t want a girlfriend, just that they usually want things I don’t want to give.

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