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Read A Double Dose Of Billionaire: Part Two

A Double Dose of Billionaire: Part Two

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A Double Dose Of Billionaire: Part Two - Plot & Excerpts

It had been a quick text. Curt and to the point, without any extra fluff or flowery words. I couldn't figure out whether that was the way they normally texted people, or whether Riley had gotten too pissed off to type more. Tyrone dropped me off at the airport, right in front of where the plane was supposed to land. Rich people sure had it convenient. I stood wide-eyed and on my tiptoes as I waited. It felt like forever since I touched them. I acted like a teenage girl who had recently hooked up with her crush. It had been so long since I ran my fingers through their silky hair and had them breathe against my neck. But I didn't think they'd let me have any of that sweet, cuddly stuff tonight. Not after the stunt I pulled with Riley. My pulse quickened when they finally arrived. The plane's wheels touched the ground. It circled around the runway before pulling into the stop. My heart thumped so hard, I thought it would fall out of my chest. The door opened steadily, and my twins were standing there, looking perfect and almost inhumanly sexy in their trim suits.

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