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Read A New Day (Knights Disciple Motorcycle Club Book 1)

A New Day (Knights Disciple Motorcycle Club Book 1)

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A New Day (Knights Disciple Motorcycle Club Book 1) - Plot & Excerpts

She could feel his taut muscles against her back. "I promise you, Miss Mills, I'll make it totally worth it."   The door swung closed on its own. The room was exquisite, appointed with elegant period furniture and vaulted ceilings. Will set her in a high back chair as he sat on the corner of the bed. He looked at her with a smoky gaze. He slowly removed his heavy jacket and raked his hair with his fingers. His movements were torturously deliberate and she realized he was teasing her.
      Laura rushed him, tackling him back on the bed. He knew how to draw her out; that was for sure. The first thing she did was lift up that T-shirt of his. His ripped body had been screaming to her all morning. She kissed his six-pack. "William, I don't think I've known you to even lift a single weight. How is it you have a body like this?"   "I just lifted you, didn't I?" Silence fell and then he said. "Um, that didn't come out right."   "It's a good thing you're so pretty or I might not be able to overlook that," she affected a tough attitude.

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