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A Thrill to Remember

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A Thrill To Remember - Plot & Excerpts

Dressed entirely in black. Gone was the flowing white shirt, replaced with a black leather vest and nothing else.Just leather and bare skin.But was this a dream? Meggie wondered, her entire body trembling in his overwhelming presence. Or a reality she was afraid to admit? From the moment she’d met him, she’d been caught up in this seductive fantasy where reality and dream merged into something powerfully erotic.He stared at her, his steely blue eyes enigmatic as always behind that mask. His jaw tightened when he noticed she wore only a gauzy red gown.Her fingers curled with a savage urge to explore that masculine chin. She ached to press her tongue against it, to taste the saltiness of his skin.He reached for her. When his rough fingers grazed her wrist, she hissed as if burned. His firm clasp propelled liquid heat to the soft tender flesh between her legs.His expression was unreadable. He did not smile. He pulled her to him and captured her lips with a kiss so tempestuous it took her breath.He drove the spear of his tongue deep inside her mouth.

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