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Anne Ashley

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Anne Ashley - Plot & Excerpts

‘I’ve taken such great care over the arrangements for this wretched dinner party, but I must confess I cannot be easy in my mind.
    Holding the event so soon after the funeral is bad enough, without decking myself out in a load of gauds.’ The housekeeper shot her mistress an understanding smile. ‘Why not choose something simple, Miss Briony? What about that fine cameo brooch your godmother was so fond of wearing? If you were to thread that through with a length of black-velvet ribbon, it would go well with that new silver-grey gown, besides showing a mark of respect.’ ‘What a very good notion! Yes, that will serve very well.’ As she began searching through one of her dressing-table drawers for the required length of ribbon, Briony became aware of movements in the adjoining bedchamber.
    ‘Good heavens! Sounds as if your master hasn’t finished dressing yet. He came upstairs to do so long before I did.’ ‘Saw Mr Smethers go in there with another pile of freshly starched neckcloths a while ago,’ the housekeeper revealed.

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