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Bind Our Loving Souls

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Bind Our Loving Souls - Plot & Excerpts

I’d just finished erasing Jo Hanna’s memory of everything I’d told her about him. It had been hard to leave her behind, but leaving my parents would be ten times worse. Hopefully, my unnatural obsession with Enock would get me through it as it had everything else.
We walked slowly up my driveway as I let the memories flood through me, changing me back to human. This was the last time I would ever be here, so I didn’t want to rush it. I glanced at our old blue mailbox, remembering the balloons my mom tied around it every year for my birthday party. I watched the dark mass of trees behind my house wave to me in the wind as I thought of the cold December morning each year when my dad, sisters, and I woke up early to chop down a Christmas tree and drink hot apple cider together. Then I stared at the front porch, thinking of the afternoons Julianna and I had spent out there, drinking lemonade and listening to the rain fall. In spite of my mostly-absent parents, I’d had a wonderful childhood.

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