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Black and Blue (Black and Blue Series)

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Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Black And Blue (Black And Blue Series) - Plot & Excerpts

No one typically came here at night, so it worked for them. Neither of them moved when he turned his bike off. He placed his hands on top of hers and held her to him. Jamie took in the smell of him and smiled. He would be forever imprinted on her brain, and she was fine with that. She’d thought she’d loved Ryan, but what she’d felt for him was nothing close to what she was feeling for Henry. Jamie was never a believer of love at first sight, and she’d laughed at the girls from school who claimed that it was real.
She moved away from him and removed the helmet; she looked up at the stars and grinned. She’d always loved it outside and remembered when she used to set up the tent in her backyard. Her tent had a screen on the top so you could look at the stars. Henry was the first one to get off of the motorcycle and he took off his helmet. He sat it on the handle bar and put his hand out for her to take. Jamie smiled up at him and took his hand.
Henry pulled her to him and his body heat enflamed her.

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