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Blood and Justice

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Blood And Justice - Plot & Excerpts

He hadn’t had anything to eat today, and yesterday’s pickings had been sparse. His stomach had rumbled all night, seeking sustenance.
He sauntered lazily down Pine Street, a middle class neighborhood in central Richmond Hill. He looked left and right.
Soon he saw a possibility. A house with no vehicles in the driveway. He crossed the road and leaned casually against an old Maple tree while a car drove by. After looking up and down the street, and seeing no one else, he dashed over the lawn and stopped at the side of the house.
He peeked in the window. Nobody. He crept around to the back of the house and looked through the back door. He could see the kitchen. Nobody.
Moving carefully, he circled around the house and back to the front door. He climbed the steps, rang the doorbell and waited.
He grinned. Looks like nobody’s home.
He looked around cautiously, and then jumped over a railing and hid behind a bush. A woman was pushing a baby carriage up the street. He waited until she passed, and keeping low and tight against the house, he circled back until he was at the rear door again.

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