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Read Charlie Bumpers Vs. The Squeaking Skull (2014)

Charlie Bumpers vs. the Squeaking Skull (2014)

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Charlie Bumpers Vs. The Squeaking Skull (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

the Squeaking Skull 6Don’t Say That!
I made it all the way through dinner that evening without saying anything about Halloween. Finally, after we’d finished washing the dishes, I heard my mom talking on the phone in the hall. I went out to listen, but she motioned for me to go away so I went back in the kitchen and stood by the door.
I could tell she was talking to Alex’s mom. They were chatting about some new grocery store and how good the prices were. Grown-ups always spend a lot of time talking about things that don’t really matter. I wondered when Mom would start talking about something really important, like me going to Alex’s house.
She finally asked who else was going to be there on Halloween. Then she asked if Alex’s mom needed any help. Then she asked what else we would do besides trick-or-treating.
She listened for a while, then said, “I’m a little concerned, because Charlie doesn’t do well with scary movies.”
OH NO! I thought. Don’t say that! I stepped into the hallway and made a desperate face at Mom.

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