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Read Christmas With The Billionaire (Holiday Encounters Book 1)

Christmas with the Billionaire (Holiday Encounters Book 1)

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Christmas With The Billionaire (Holiday Encounters Book 1) - Plot & Excerpts

Paige called my name and something cold and soft touched my cheek. Startled, I shivered and looked around. A sense of unreality overtook me. It was like a dream within a dream—following a stranger who captivated me with his mere presence and then stepping from one winter wonderland into another. And to top it all off, it was snowing. I raised my face. Sure enough, several more flakes landed on my cheeks and eyelashes. Snow. “This is incredible.” Paige’s breathless voice pierced my shroud of wonder. “It’s beyond incredible.” I tried to take it all in, gaping at all of it. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” “And I thought the lobby was magical. For this, I have no words.” I nodded as I tried to take it all in. The Hotel Wynter had somehow made it snow indoors. Light, fluffy flakes fell from behind white drapes hung around the perimeter of the room’s ceiling. The snow only fell along the sides of the room, leaving small drifts around the edges of the lounge.

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