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Church of Sin (The Ether Book 1)

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James Costall

Church Of Sin (The Ether Book 1) - Plot & Excerpts

He came round a little in the car but didn’t give them any trouble. He’d asked to make his phone call in private and drunk six glasses of water. He’d refused a lawyer. Now he was sitting perfectly pleasantly admiring the ceiling.
    He was a good foot taller than Ash, maybe more. His skin was a grey colour and matched the cheap carpet at the station. The dark rings around his pin-prick eyes reminded Ash of a corpse. They had taken his coat from him. Found a small pair of scissors and a wallet with a bundle of notes in but nothing else. Now he wore brown, stained trousers and a tatty shirt.
    Ash had rolled up his sleeves, something that Alix had told him never to do when he wore a waistcoat but it didn’t seem to matter much right now. He’d lost track of the number of times he’d tried to phone her and in the end he’d sent Jeff Eldridge round to her flat to see if he could find her, a blatant misuse of police resources but his concern outweighed his conscious about that.

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