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Coalescence - SF3

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Coalescence - SF3 - Plot & Excerpts

"I’m starving," she complained, her voice muffled by her lover’s skin. During their nap, Jamie wound up on her stomach, with Ryan’s dark head resting on her smooth back. She rolled off to allow her lover to move, and each of them spent a few minutes stretching out the kinks. "You’re gonna have to get some thicker mats in here if we’re gonna do that very often," Ryan pointed out.
"I’ll leave a note for Mother," Jamie replied absently, trying to get her own kinks out. "God, I’m stiff," she complained. "My back’s been funny since the ride, and that little nap didn’t do me any favors." "I’ll throw something together for dinner," Ryan decided. "You go swim a few laps to loosen up, and then sit in the spa until you’re nice and loose. By the time you get out, I’ll have dinner ready." "No arguments." She winced bending over to pick up her clothes. "I hate for us to be apart, even for a few minutes, but I know you’re hungrier than you are stiff. So get going, Buffy, and don’t eat everything before I get there."   45 minutes later, Jamie was relaxed and rejuvenated.

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