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Conscious Decisions of the Heart

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Conscious Decisions Of The Heart - Plot & Excerpts

Nikolas tipped Ben out of the hammock onto the deck. “Fucking hell!” Ben rose groggily to his feet.   “Wh―?”  “Look at me!” Ben peered. As far as he was concerned, Nikolas looked pretty good naked in the morning light, his usual morning erection flushed dark on his belly. He was just about to climb on to enjoy the ride when he noticed a red welt, then another. Nikolas, where he’d not been covering him, was bitten—badly. He checked himself over and saw nothing. He bit his lip. Nikolas flung himself angrily out of the hammock, twisting, trying to see all over his body. He saw Ben was laughing at him so he pushed him—hard. He fell off the deck into the translucent morning water, still laughing. Nikolas stomped into the hut, and Ben heard a shouted, “Where are my fucking pills?”  He shouted back from the safety of the water, “Those aren’t hallucinations! You’ve been…eaten!” He climbed out of the water and edged into the hut. Nikolas was scratching. Ben caught his hands to stop him.

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