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Death in the Tunnel (2015)

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Death In The Tunnel (2015) - Plot & Excerpts

Immediately upon the conclusion of the interview Arnold went to Blackdown and saw the local police. Dredger, loudly protesting his innocence, was taken into custody.
    Meanwhile the documents supplied by Mr. Harrison were submitted to the handwriting experts, with a request for report as soon as possible. Arnold received this that same evening, and, having read it through, rang up Merrion and asked him to come to the Yard. On his arrival he told him of the forgery and the steps which had been taken. Finally he gave him the report. “Now see if you can make head or tail of that,” he said. “For I confess I can’t.”
    The report was as follows: 1. The cheque drawn by Cecil Kirby in favour of Malcolm Dredger. This has been compared with genuine cheques drawn by Mr. Kirby, and with a receipt signed by Malcolm Dredger. (This was the receipt given to Arnold by Mr. Torrance.) The conclusions arrived at are as follows: The body of the cheque, that is the name of the payee and the amount, is in a disguised handwriting closely resembling Mr.

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