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Destined Mate (2011)

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Destined Mate (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

"Destined Mate" by Katie Reus. A paranormal romance novella.I really enjoyed this little novella! Hot and steamy, loving and caring, action packed. What more could you ask for? The characters of Knox and Angela were just right together. Even though this story is novella length, Ms. Reus gave just enough background to the characters to understand their history and understand the feelings they have toward each other. Each characters was very well rounded out.Angela is a vampire and she's making the biggest mistake of her life...she's trespassing in a werewolf's territory. And not just any territory, her former lover's territory. She's determined to save her friend who was taken by the werewolves. She hasn't seen Knox since she was turned into a vampire against her will and hopefully she won't see him now...he hates and kills all vampires he comes across.Knox can't believe that Angela is back. And she's trying to break into his home! She's escaped him once before and he'll be damned if lets her get away again. Not even being apart for 90 years stopped him from loving her. She will be his mate...even if a war with the vampires will result.This novella is the first in a series that doesn't really have a name but I will definitely be reading more of them! My Review:As a human, Angela had been Knox's lover and she was well aware of his deep-seeded hatred of vampires. So when she was brutally attacked and turned into one, she didn't want to put either of them through that trauma knowing he would more than likely kill her as a result. That was 90 years ago and Angela hasn't seen him since and has no idea that he changed all of his opinions after she was changed. The only thing that she knows is that Knox's pack is holding one of her best friends and fellow vampires and she has no intention of letting them kill her.The book starts with Angela infiltrating the werewolf compound, and wow, this girl has some moves. She's fast, quick-thinking, and incredibly strong. She also realizes when she's beat and knows when to back down. I love that she's a really strong vampire and daywalker. For me, that made the romance between her and Knox more viable.The chemistry between Knox and Angel (as he calls her) is instantaneous and incredible. It may have been 90 years, but you would never guess it from the way that they react to each other. If there was a single thing that I could change about this book, I would have liked to see more interaction between them. This is a short novella and the chemistry works because of their history. I just felt like it was all a little too short between the two of them.Overall the book was a fun and entertaining read. It's really short, but there is a lot packed into this little book. It's a great overview of the way that this world works, within the pack and within the vampire we get to see the leader of the vampires, Titus, too. There is TONS of action...both fighting and sexual. It's quick-paced and very easy to read. I am looking forward to book two in this series, Protector's Mate, which is about Alaric, Knox's second. We get to see fabulous glimpses of him in this book as he helps to soothe Angela when Knox needs his focus.

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This was a great short novella and I am glad I stumbled upon it!!!!

Short but well written. It's great to pass time!

My review will appear at Romancing the Book!

Review to follow :) 4/5 Stars

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