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Devour: Death & Decay Book 1

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Devour: Death & Decay Book 1 - Plot & Excerpts

Tiny hands patted her face a little too hard to be gentle. Liv slowly opened one eye to find Elli a mere two inches from her nose.
    “Good morning, sunshine.”
    “Mama!” Elli squealed with delight. Liv yawned and stretched. Elli imitated, stretching her arms over her head and letting out a little groan.
    Soft light trickled in through the curtains. Liv blinked and looked around. Panic hit her like a train and Liv snapped up. Elli startled, grabbing fistfuls of Liv’s clothes as she clung to her. At the end of the bed, a strange dog raised its head and stared at her, undisturbed by her fear.
    The room wasn’t her bedroom. Where was she? How did she get here? Then, suddenly, the events of the night before came flooding back: fleeing the highway, meeting Lydia and Nate, running through the woods. Liv relaxed her achy and tired body back against her pillow, holding Elli close.
    Liv’s fingers ran the length of Elli’s spine, up and down, and soon the child began to relax again.

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