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Read Druid Knights 02: Knight Of Rapture

Druid Knights 02: Knight of Rapture

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Druid Knights 02: Knight Of Rapture - Plot & Excerpts

“This way, sir.” Charles showed their guest into the library.
    “Dr. Tyler, Mr. Hughes, I’m Detective Chief Inspector Bardsley.” He gave an envelope to George. “I spoke with the fire warden about the incident at your mill. The evidence was all there. It took less than a week to come to a conclusion. He has confirmed it was arson. There is the final report.” Arik joined Rebeka.
    George read through the documents. “Yes, he sent a copy to my office.”
    Arik and George had agreed with the fire warden’s findings. It wasn’t a huge leap of faith. The accelerant was proof enough.
    “Dr. Tyler.” Rebeka gave the man her attention. “Your student…” He read through his small spiral notebook. “Yes, Marle. She gave us a description of the two who attacked your man.” He thumbed through his pad. “Bill. We have them in custody. Caught them in a minor traffic accident. The young lady is quite perceptive.

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