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Eagle People

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Loose Cannon Ent.

Eagle People - Plot & Excerpts

The stakes were driven deeply in the soil of the plains and could not be removed easily. When Eldon secured his legs he'd almost gone insane from the pain in his hip. The arrow remained in place. The warrior was now spread out on the grasses naked, his clothes cut off.
    The Eagle warrior took his knife and made four long gashes in each of the man's legs and arms, getting only a loud grunt with each cut. “You are a brave man, warrior, but you will die. Have you seen what ants will do to a human body? They will strip you of flesh, but slowly, and over days in a hot sun.  Most die for the need of water, not the ants.”
    Eldon then grabbed the man's hair, lifted his head, and sliced both cheeks deeply.
    Mongoose, who was standing near, said, “It is the blood that attracts the ants. Within an hour you will feel them feasting on your flesh. If you believe in the One Above, now would be a good time to speak with him. In a few hours, you'll be almost insane from thirst and pain.”

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