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Faithless Angel (1999)

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0505522969 (ISBN13: 9780505522962)
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Faithless Angel (1999) - Plot & Excerpts

Disillusioned by the death of her young ward, Faith Jansen retreated from the world and vowed never to love again. Then a handsome stranger with a dark secret showed up on her doorstep. She found herself reaching out, drawn by his brooding intensity and the mesmerizing light in his eyes. Little did she know that Jesse Savage was more than a man. He'd lost everything and now all he wanted was peace from his own haunted past. Embittered and unhappy, Faith was his only ticket back to the Afterlife--for if he could restore her spirit, perhaps he could save his own.Falling in love with Faith wasn't part of Jesse's mission. But sometimes, even the best-laid plans take a turn for the better. And when passion sparked beneath a starry Texas sky, two lost souls found each other--and heaven on earth.

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