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Finding Forever (Living Again #4)

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Finding Forever (Living Again #4) - Plot & Excerpts

Did she know? Did the lilt in her voice mean it was good news, or did that mean she was trying to protect the truth from coming through her voice?
She had to go in today. She knew this. When the call had come through an hour ago, she couldn’t make herself answer it, choosing instead to torture herself with listening to the message over and over again.
‘Lacey Russell, this is the Radiology Center calling. We have the results of your biopsy, and the doctor would like you to come in immediately. Please call us back as soon as possible so we know when to expect you. Thank you.’ She had been avoiding Brant since the night that she asked him to stay the night and then ended up blabbing in her sleep about cancer. She had been so stupid to let her guard down and ask him to stay with her, but that night she had slept better than she had in weeks, if not years.
Trying to stay away from him was proving way harder than she originally thought, though. As usual, he sensed her pulling back and that only made him push harder to see her, talk to her.

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