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Five Roses (2016)

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Five Roses (2016) - Plot & Excerpts

28B Boucher GI lab NPO m/n. Med + INR. The details weren’t for her. She knew to send the med sheet and latest INR result and keep the patient fasting, but she didn’t man the desk 24/7. With luck, if the patient left when she wasn’t there, someone might glance at her agenda for directions.
    Zeery, who was standing at the counter writing in a patient’s chart, waited for her to hang up. “So, when do you get the house?”
    “Next week.” Between interruptions was the only way to talk at work. Fara grabbed the manila folder an ER orderly had slid onto the counter and began leafing the loose pages inside into the appropriate sections of the patient’s binder.
    “Already?” Zeery gaped. “You just saw the house.”
    “It’s all happening so fast — except for when we signed the papers at the notary. That took forever. Two solid hours of signing. I thought my hand was going to fall off.”

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