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Read Flesh: Part Thirteen (The Flesh Series Book 13)

Flesh: Part Thirteen (The Flesh Series Book 13)

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Flesh: Part Thirteen (The Flesh Series Book 13) - Plot & Excerpts

Internally, I groan at the thought of having to do anything else. Even getting up seems like a chore. If only we could just pass out here for the night though I'm sure I'd regret it in the morning if I woke up with stiff muscles.
I close my eyes the rest of the way, pretending to be asleep. I feel Lucian's arms slip beneath me, then he lifts me off of the floor, making my eyes fly open in fear as I quickly clutch onto his neck. He looks just as exhausted as I feel.
“Are you sure you're alright to carry me? I can walk,” I ask as he heads towards the door.
“Have I ever dropped you?” His expression is serious as if the notion that he'd drop me is offensive.
I decide to trust him, resting my head against his shoulder while he carries me the rest of the way to the master bathroom and sets me down on the side of the tub. He disappears into the shower, and I hear the water hitting the tiles before he comes back out to motion me to join him.
A smile spreads across my lips as I force myself off of the side of the tub and walk into the shower.

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