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Flight of the Crow (2015)

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Flight Of The Crow (2015) - Plot & Excerpts

She opened her arms to him and he climbed into the indicated space gratefully. He felt as though his cock was broken. His balls ached, his ass burned, and the head of his dick was so tender, he fought the urge to cup it.
    “What was that all about?” he asked as he took her into his arms.
    “I have no idea of what you speak.”
    “I’m speaking about the leather and the whip. My ass is still on fire.”
    She lay flat on the bed and smiled. “When last I lived in Paris, I opened a club on rue Charbanaise called le Rouge Derriere, the Red Ass. Fenix and I ran it.”
    Quinn nodded. “I see. And you spanked men for a living?”
    “Moi? Occasionally, and only for very special clients. Mostly I supervised.”
    “And what happened to it?”
    “It’s a very successful business. I sold an interest in it to a lady we shall call Mistress Chat.

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