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Ravenous Romance

Private Showing - Plot & Excerpts

What did I buy? Sex gizmos. Toys, electronic devices, even furniture, all designed to provide pleasure to the persons who used them. I also invested in exotic lingerie, S&M aids, and fancy costumes. Tonight, I shopped at a fairly new manufacturer I'd read about on the Internet. My goal? Furnishing our brand new work-out room.Wearing a modest black business suit—I never dressed the part of hooker even though I occasionally turned tricks on the side—I drove my Mercedes into the parking lot of a plain-looking building with Xtremes painted on the black awning. I parked in the spot reserved for customers, barely noticing the other vehicles there. After entering via the front door, I stepped into the sterile beige foyer where a woman who had to be someone's sweet little ol’ grandmother greeted me with a smile."Hello. I'm Lakota Rawlings. I have an appointment for a private showing.""I'm Sandra Williams, the owner of Xtremes. We've been expecting you. Will you be looking at toys or our other products?""Toys...?""Dildos, vibrators, whips, chains—""None of that.

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