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Forever Family (Forever #5)

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Forever Family (Forever #5) - Plot & Excerpts

Chance strode behind them, his face tight with concern.
I knew what Jenny was feeling right now, watching your baby get rolled away from you. My heart squeezed and I tried to put the memories of my own baby, Finn, out of my mind.
But everything around me brought it back. The door decorations with the streamers and teddy bears in blue or pink. The echoes of crying babies and hushed conversations of family. Even the shhrrrr sound of the wheels on the smooth waxed floor.
As we approached the glassed wall of the NICU, I stopped dead. I couldn’t go in there. No way. My heart hammered fiercely, and my palms sweated. Through the window I could see the rows of cribs, mothers rocking in padded chairs.
I felt faint. I realized I was holding my breath. I hadn’t done that in ages, my old coping strategy to make myself go unconscious when life got too hard. I thought I was better, but I could see now that no matter how happy my current life got, my past never left me.
The nurses pushed the crib with Jenny’s baby between the sliding doors, but Darion stayed with me.

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