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Read Series: 13 To Life

by Author Shannon Delany


Rivals and Retribution (2012)

It was okay, but I expected more. The scenes seemed rushed. No time to build up tension so when the conflict was ressolved I was: And that was it? Jessie was just on the sidelines in this book. Alexi was the one who did everything. He might as well has been the protagonist of this book. Meh. If ...

Rivals and Retribution (2012) by Shannon Delany

Sentence 13, tome 5 : Rivaux et représailles (2000)

I'm so confuses at the end of the book... I want more to example what just happen, it leave more questions than answers. I enjoy the book so must and can not believe I just finish the series!!! I have so must fun marathon through 13 To Life series. I will miss Cat, Max, Alexi, Amy, Jess, and Pe...

Sentence 13, tome 5 : Rivaux et représailles (2000) by Shannon Delany

Sentence 13, tome 4 : Destin et duperie (2000)

I feel like I just read some 200 odd pages of nothingness. Literally NOTHING happened in this book. I enjoyed the 3 books before this and each had a problem/solution type format, with an interesting 'to be continued' type ending. Some reviews said this book was an interesting read and full of twi...

Sentence 13, tome 4 : Destin et duperie (2000) by Shannon Delany

Destiny and Deception (2012)

Ok, so this book was a bit of an oddity. So now we are normal (so to speak), and my beautiful Pietr Rusakova is lost within himself... he is having an identity crisis. I think if you were a bitten/made wolf it would have been the same going in. He is born wolf, so he has only known himself as the...

Destiny and Deception (2012) by Shannon Delany

Négociations et Trahisons (2013)

Picking off right where book two left off, we are thrust back into Junction. I admit it took awhile to get used to the different p.o.v. but at the end of the read I was grateful for, it enriching the story in a way I didnt think possible. Jessie is locked up in a asylum trying to uncover what is ...

Négociations et Trahisons (2013) by Shannon Delany

O Segredo das Sombras (2012)

This book was just as good as the first one and had even more shocks. The lead character was just as awesome. The way she copes with everything is amazing. You get to spend more time with the werewolf family. They are so fun. I love Cat and Max. they really kept the story interesting. I didn't re...

O Segredo das Sombras (2012) by Shannon Delany

Ombres et Secrets (2012)

This book just blew my mind!! I know that sounds kind of cheesy but it's true!!! When I finished it, I felt so shocked and that was strange for me because I love books but a book has never made me feel so much emotion! The storyline was great with twists and heart-wrenching turns throughout the b...

Ombres et Secrets (2012) by Shannon Delany

A Maldição do Lobisomem (2011)

PLEASE DONT READ THIS BOOK. Are you kidding me. I read this book for a friend who wanted me to guinea pig it for her, so i basically just wasted hours of my life with this piece of crap (didnt even finish). PLEASE DONT READ THIS BOOK. *spoilers ahead but trust me when i say you're gonna wanna kno...

A Maldição do Lobisomem (2011) by Shannon Delany

Sentence 13 (2000)

I was blown away by how into this book I got. I couldn't put in down. I thought it was going to be like every other werewolf book out there. But. it really wasn't. The characters are very entertaining and lead was awesome. I loved her. And the fact she works with horses just made her better to me...

Sentence 13 (2000) by Shannon Delany